EZ Lynks

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Single Layer System for Large Loads.

Metallurgical Processes

Carburizing, Carbonitriding, Neutral Hardening, Ferritic Nitrocarburizing, Normalizing, Annealing, Spheroidize Annealing and Stress Relieving.

Types of products

Wind Turbine Gears, Heavy Machinery Components, Aircraft Components, Marine Transmission Components, Shafts, Bearing Components, Large Castings & Forgings and Precision Machined Components.

Unique Features

  • Available stock sizes
    • 84"x 84"x 36" (2.1m x 2.1m x 0.9m).
    • 84"x 84"x 72" (2.1m x 2.1m x 1.8m).
  • 15,000 lb (6800 kg) load capacity.
  • Excellent temperature uniformity.
  • Proven technology.
  • Gas or electric options.
  • Requires only 18'-6" (5.6 m) maximum ceiling height.
  • No floor pits required.
  • Transfer car shuttle eliminates the need for overhead bridge cranes.
  • Low fixture weight and costs compared to pit furnaces.
  • Quench enclosure with roll-up door to protect the environment from flames.
  • Reduced quench related distortion with recipe specific fluid flow resulting in a reduction of post heat treat grinding.
  • Reduced distortion.
  • Flexible solutions temple.
  • Production flexibility for small or large loads.
  • Several systems of monitoring and control available.