Vacuum Furnace

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ALD-Holcroft designs and manufactures vacuum furnace systems used for heat treating. Our integration of European designs with American expertise yields expertly configured systems with flexibility and reliability. It is the American flavour that expands the European standard products into accomplished heat treating systems. Our product line is comprised of the MonoTherm, DualTherm and ModulTherm vacuum furnace systems.

MonoTherm is our "kit" concept in standard, single chamber vacuum furnaces globally proven in hundreds of facilities. It addresses the needs for those requiring single chamber, batch vacuum furnaces.

The design concepts of ModulTherm and DualTherm take vacuum heat treating equipment to their logical design pinnacle. These designs are executed based on process, without limitation of equipment. Heat chambers heat, quench chambers quench, load movements are maintained separate from each. This concept enables each function to be performed to its maximum capability without the compromise of "merged" functions such as heating and cooling within the same chamber. This concept yields the ultimate in performance for both the heating and quenching functions.